Monday, March 12, 2007

March? and Some baby photos

Ack! When did it get to be March? What do you mean we're almost half-way through the month? And, who changed the time?

So, where have I been? Where else...running. Training for the marathon is going well so far. My feet are starting to look really ugly - I'll take that to mean I'm working hard. My legs seem to be holding up, and overall, training is still in the "fun" category. I'll let you know when that changes.

I've also been celebrating birthdays. Both of my children have birthdays in February and it seemed like the parties would never end. More on that later...

Now for the fun stuff - PICTURES! This cutie was at my studio last week and he was all smiles. How many times can I say, "I just love the baby sessions". Here are a few from the session. When Photoshop stops giving me trouble, I'll post the collage (again, "I just love those").

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