Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Senior Photos

Senior Photos


I've had lots of calls recently for senior photos.  Here are a few from some past sessions.  Working with high schoolers is one of my favorite things (ask any of my grad school professors - I always requested the high schools).


Speaking of seniors...happy 92nd birthday to my grandma!


Here are the young seniors.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Amanda and Nick

Amanda and Nick

Once again, I am trying to keep up with Neysa. Here are some images from Amanda and Nick's fabulous wedding...back in May :). Neysa already posted a few of my images on her blog, and here is my take. While she was with the girls I got to hang with the guys.

First, Nick reading a card from Amanda:

Before Nick opened his gift, he looked at his mom and said, "The more bows I break the more kids we will have, right?" He then proceeded to rip into the bow. Apparently he can't wait for kids :)

Luckily it was a gift that a kid of any age would love!

Typically Neysa gets to photo the brides' fabulous shoes. This time, I got a turn with the groom's custom design.

A little poker to pass the time.

Nick's mom had to get photos of all "her boys", which somehow included every groomsman.

Cool portraits in the heat at Eden Park.

Amanda and her dad before walking down the aisle.

Thanks to Amanda and Nick for letting me share your day...and to Neysa for letting me photo with you. Hope it was a great birthday:).

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Jamie and Matt

Jamie and Matt

I shot this fabulous wedding a while back with Neysa. I love getting to hang with the guys while they goof off and just relax before the ceremony. This group was enjoying darts (and later some cards).

Then it was off to the dining room to get ready.

If there had been time, I think they would have had a contest for best bartender.

A few guy portraits...

Jamie and Matt seeing each other for the first time.

A few portraits of the couple...

In between photos it poured rain. Luckily the weather was perfect for the ceremony. Here a groomsman is getting rid of a puddle so everyone can walk down the aisle.

After the ceremony...

First dance...

Matt only pretended he was going to smash the cake. I think she was a bit nervous at first.

A big thank you to Matt a Jamie and a wish of a lifetime of happiness. You both were fabulous and I truly enjoyed working with you! Also a big thanks to Neysa for letting me shoot with her.