Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twin Photos


I had so much fun with these two cuties. I'm sure they have grown up since their photo session back in June! They were perfect little models - one girl, one boy. Of course, getting in my "baby fix" was a bonus too.

At some point during most photo sessions involving kids, the parents get frustrated that their child is not acting "perfect". I always chuckle and say, "no worries, I schedule plenty of time, I'm sure baby will fall asleep before I do." I have yet to be outdone by any child :)...I thoroughly enjoy all of them.

Congratulations again to the proud parents, and thank you for sharing your pride and joy with me!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rachel and Jonathan

Rachel and Jonathan

Once again...trying to keep up with Neysa :). Here is a beautiful wedding from June. I had a fabulous time with this couple. When I arrived at the golf course (site of getting ready, ceremony, and reception = bonus!) the guys got right to work on the ties.

The ties had to be just right.

Checking out the golf course map.

Chocolate cupcakes! They were delicious :)!

Neysa might strangle me for this next image...we are not typically "rings in the flowers photo" type of photographers. It was a cool thing to do in the 90s but has been overdone. HOWEVER, I really liked the colors and tried to make it more about the rings and the colors than the "rings in the flowers."

While I always enjoy chatting with the guys, I try to not get too involved. After all, I am there to document the day, not create the day. This time I did get to help teach the game of Euchre!

Another one Neysa might strangle me for :)...this is what you do to get the shot you want.

At some point Neysa asked, "Did you...?" I said, "yes". Everyone was impressed that we only needed those few words. Apparently we have been working together long enough that we can read each other's minds. She wanted to know if I got the following shot.

Thank you Rachel and Jonathan for sharing your day with me. Thanks, of course, to Neysa for taking me along as a second! It is always a joy.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sandy and Ron

Sandy and Ron

Another May wedding :). I had a great time photographing this wedding with Neysa. I met up with the guys at the end of their golf game.

A stop for some lunch...

Time to get ready...

This little guy kept up with the big boys all day - including 18 holes of golf.

Ron's dad helping him with his tie.

Loved the ride they chose to get to the ceremony.

Finishing touches...

He thought the tree was more interesting than the ceremony :)

A few portraits...

First dance...

I had a great vantage point for the cake SMASHING.

Congratulations to Sandy and Ron and thank you for letting me share your day!

Thanks also to Neysa for letting me work as a second!