Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out of Order

Kara and Lane

I hate posting things out of order. I have another wedding and a bunch of portrait sessions to post before this one, but I have to keep up with Neysa. Even though I protested this out-of-order-posting-to-the-blog business, I had to share an image from this fabulous wedding too. I had great fun helping out with this wedding (even getting kicked out of the locker room was an adventure). It is always wonderful working with Neysa. I'm sure I'll have more images to post later. For now, this one will have to do. Congratulations Kara and Lane, and thanks for letting me share in your big day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heather and Josh

Here are a few photos from Heather and Josh's wedding a few weeks ago. When I met with them, they knew what they wanted as far as photos go, but they were also very laid back and relaxed about the entire day. Both of their families were involved in the wedding, which added a personal touch. I had a great time with everyone - thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome. Also, super thanks to Neysa for helping ME out this time. It is always a pleasure.
Heather's aunt made the cake.
Tender headed Heather - poor thing - it hurts to be beautiful.
The amazing rings
Cutest flower girl ever.
Amazing dress that fit perfectly
Fun family and friends for bridesmaids
Adorable ring bearer and flower girl.
The ring exchange
A helpful husband - always a plus.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Marathon

I have mentioned my marathon training before on the I must include the finish to all of that training. A few weeks ago I ran the Nashville Country Music Marathon with my husband and several other relatives. We had a great time visiting Nashville and a great time running. Everyone came home with a PR (that's runner lingo for personal record - best time). My husband and I finished the race in 4 hours, 26 minutes, 30 seconds (his official time was 4:26:31, so I really beat him by 1 second).
This marathon was large as far as marathons go...5,000 running the full and 25,000 running the half-marathon. To help deal with all of those people, they have corral starts. The elite runners get to start first, then the next fastest runners, and on down the line. We were in corral 10 of 31 and it took us 17 minutes to cross the start line. Here is a photo of our corral starting. (photos courtesy Jonathan Gabis)
I'm on the right (number 10211) with Jon right behind me and Stephanie right behind him. My dad is in the bright green shirt, getting ready to hand us jelly beans (Jelly Belly Sport Beans - the only way to make it through a marathon). I think this is at about mile 18 or 19.
My hubby taking the beans.
The group of runners. Those of us with black ribbon medals ran the full marathon and those with red ribbons ran the half. The pink signs my mom made to cheer us on. Those infamous pink signs have been to several marathons now and are a blessing to see when you are out on the course. My dad was holding one up near the finish and we could see it a good quarter mile away. It gives you a little boost of energy and keeps you going, although, my husband did complain that it seamed like it was never getting any closer.
Jon and I did have a pink sign, but it was with one of our cheerleaders at the time of the photo. Jeremy registered to run at the last minute, so we had to make an impromptu sign.
You can see more photos at So, who's with us for the next one?

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Now that I have my head back on straight, I'm ready to share some photos. The last two weeks have been crazy and have included running a marathon (more on that later), celebrating my daughter's First Communion, and preparing my house for a 60 person party. So, now I'm just a few sessions behind on proofing and lots behind on blogging. Here are some photos of another First Communicant and her little brother. No, these are not my kids, but they are great clients. I had so much fun running all over the park with them. It was a perfect evening for a photo session. I love it when little girls get to feel like a princess and little boys get to run. Enjoy! Stay tuned...I'll try to keep up with blogging. (Now that I made that public, I have to do it).