Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brooke and Josh-

Brooke and Josh-

Before I begin with this wedding, let me start with some blog notes....I've been getting the third degree for not updating my blog more often (ahem...Neysa, Karen, Kevin). I guess I deserve it because I couldn't remember my password to log in to update the blog. Oops. My lack of updating is not because I have not been taking pictures. On the contrary, I have been so busy I'm feeling overwhelmed. Not to worry - even when I can't breath, I love this work and can't imagine anything better to be drowning in. Now for some photos.

I photographed this backyard wedding in early October. It was a nice family affair, and was a bonus that the bride actually is family (my cousin's daughter). A super huge thank you to Kevin for second shooting with me.

I started the day with the girls. While Brooke had her make-up done, all the girls sat on the bed to watch.

A ring detail.

Her make-up was fabulous!

While I was with the girls, Kevin got to hang out with the guys. The photo below of the groom and of the guys sorta sums up Kevin's experience with the guys.

Mom and Matron-of-Honor helping with the dress.

I love the way they were looking at each other.

A first dance.

Eventually everyone gets used to my crazy stunts to get a photo. Here I was laying on the ground (in the middle of the driveway) telling everyone to gather round.

If you don't smash cake in your bride's face, you get a kiss :)

The night topped out with some crazy dancing.

Thanks you to Brooke and Josh for letting me share your day. I had a fabulous time and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Thank you again to Kevin for keeping me on track and snagging some fabulous photos!

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