Monday, August 10, 2009

Rachel and Jonathan

Rachel and Jonathan

Once again...trying to keep up with Neysa :). Here is a beautiful wedding from June. I had a fabulous time with this couple. When I arrived at the golf course (site of getting ready, ceremony, and reception = bonus!) the guys got right to work on the ties.

The ties had to be just right.

Checking out the golf course map.

Chocolate cupcakes! They were delicious :)!

Neysa might strangle me for this next image...we are not typically "rings in the flowers photo" type of photographers. It was a cool thing to do in the 90s but has been overdone. HOWEVER, I really liked the colors and tried to make it more about the rings and the colors than the "rings in the flowers."

While I always enjoy chatting with the guys, I try to not get too involved. After all, I am there to document the day, not create the day. This time I did get to help teach the game of Euchre!

Another one Neysa might strangle me for :)...this is what you do to get the shot you want.

At some point Neysa asked, "Did you...?" I said, "yes". Everyone was impressed that we only needed those few words. Apparently we have been working together long enough that we can read each other's minds. She wanted to know if I got the following shot.

Thank you Rachel and Jonathan for sharing your day with me. Thanks, of course, to Neysa for taking me along as a second! It is always a joy.

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